Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Giveaway Winner Announced!

Oh how I've been meaning to do so many things I haven't made the time to do lately... like choose and announce a winner for the blog contest I posted on Black Friday. See, there's a reason I'm still a small name blogger (okay, well several, but that's just one of them!).

But regardless, I have a few brief moments of time where the baby's napping and the kids are at school and work hasn't started yet. So here it goes...

This amazing make up is handcrafted, natural, gluten free and good for your skin! It's made by my awesome sister-in-law (check out her fantastic Craft Cafe or Etsy Shop to see more).

But without further ado, these amazing gift sets...

                                 Mineral Makeup - Holiday Gift Set -
10 Piece Starter Set - Neutral Tones


Holiday Sparkle Set - Mineral Makeup -Sparkle Mineral Eyeshadow - 5 piece set

Are going to


She's going to get the eye shadows to keep and the 10 piece starter set to give away to her pastor's wife in Chile! Natalie was an amazing young woman in the youth group when my husband was a youth pastor back in the day! Now she's all grown up and married living in a land far away. BUT, she'll be back in the States in just over a week and I'm super excited to be able to see her and bless her, and help her bless someone else in the meantime! 

Congratulations Natalie! 

And, in case you wanted some makeup but didn't win the drawing, you can order products for 20% off through December. You should, because they're seriously amazing!  

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Congratulations Natalie!