Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top 12 posts of 2012

While 2012 didn’t allow me to do as much writing as I had hoped for, it did allow me to produce a few memorable posts. Thanks to the power of Pinterest and Google Image searches, one of my food creations went viral. Well, as viral as any of my posts have ever gone anyway!

I’m going to start 2013 off with a review of 2012 on the blog. So, in descending order, here are my top 12 posts of 2012:

First: Honorable mention goes to Our Love Story. It was written in 2011, but still had a staggering page view count of 5,700 views! This is a series of posts written about my love story as I remember it unfolding more than a decade ago. The highest viewed individual post was Our Love Story—The Beginning (665 Page Views). Much of that page count was from 2012, but I’m not officially including it on the 2012 list since it was technically written in 2011. Maybe 2013 will be the year I finally finish it? <----- I think I said that in 2012 too…


#12. Should my son wear Hello Kitty boots to school? (155 Page Views)

#11. Screen Free Summer Challenge (176 Page Views)

#10. 30 Intentional Acts of Blessing #26 (195 Page Views)

#9. 30 Intentional Acts of Blessing #27, #28, & #29 (201 Page Views)

#8. Starbucks Inspired Caffe Mocha Mini Trifle (217 Page Views)

#7. Cakes Galore (252 Page Views)

#6. Easy Peasy Cookies and Cream Cupcakes (306 Page Views)

#5. Valentine Cupcake Bouquets (334 Page Views)

#4. Cup Cake Bouquet (361 Page Views)

#3. Ferrero Rocher Brownie Trifles (381 Page Views)

This one’s my personal favorite. Maybe it’s because I can still taste the deliciousness!

#2. Death By Chocolate Cake (759 Page Views)

#1. And, with an astonishing 4,360 page views is a post that I haphazardly threw together about my White Chocolate Kit Kat Coconut M&M's Cake

And there you have it, my top 12 of 2012!

I finished my temporary job just before Christmas. The 13 month-old foster baby we’ve had since May is going home soon and we don’t *plan* to take in any more kiddos for at least a month. My kids are headed back to school in just a few days, and finding some time to write and reflect is high on my list of things to do when I finally have a little more time on my hands. Oh, and bake. I plan to bake. A lot. And take pictures. And blog about it… because apparently that’s what readers like!

Is there anything else you’d like to see up on the blog in 2013?  Now’s your chance to weigh in!

p.s. Feel free to share or pin away anything you see here on Pinterest. There’s something about stats and pins, and page views, etc. that motivate me to keep up with this blog. While I enjoy it immensely for my own personal benefit, my hope is to inspire others in some way or another… so feel free to share! <------ End shallow plea to help me feel validated by sharing my stuff.

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