Thursday, March 24, 2016

German Chocolate Cupcakes

German chocolate cupcakes. Oh, so delicious!

I didn't know I liked German chocolate until I made these cupcakes. I think the only German chocolate nutty coconut topping I had ever tasted had probably been from a can, or on a cake from the store made from whatever ingredients allow it to have a shelf life of several months. (Seriously, next time you're at the grocery store look at the expiration date on cakes in the bakery. "Fresh" baked cakes can have a shelf life of 3+ months. My cakes and cupcakes have a shelf life of 3 days. I hate to think about what's in a product that allows it to stay "fresh" that long.)

Anyway, I made these for a customer and I absolutely fell in love with this dreamy almond coconut topping. I may or may not have eaten by the spoonful. You know, for quality control purposes...

It's a chocolate cupcake iced with chocolate ganache and topped with a German chocolate filling. A few almond slices and an inverted chocolate chip work together to make a flower that adds the perfect bit of class to this already delicious cupcake!

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