Saturday, July 30, 2016

Cupcakes, Sprinkles, and Bacon, OH MY!

This weekend I had the pleasure of making cupcakes for a wedding reception. It was for an order that had been placed long before I knew I was pregnant, and it was for a friend, so I chugged through the back pain and swollen feet and spent the past few days "whipping up" 12+ dozen cupcakes in three yummy flavors. 

Let me introduce you to my new friends:

I never understood the maple bacon craze until now. Mostly because I choose not to eat a whole lot of meat and I haven't had bacon since before bacon became the "in" thing. But, of course I had to try some, you know, for quality control purposes. I candied this bacon and I have to say, I suddenly understand why bacon (especially maple and bacon together) have ended up with a cult-like following. It turns out that Baby is a fan of bacon, especially the bacon that was dipped in the leftover chocolate ganache! 

The cupcakes were beautifully displayed on this lovely dessert table and enjoyed by many. But mostly be me... because, well, I'm pregnant. And of course, I had to taste test these beautiful creatures every step of the way. You know, again, for quality control purposes!

I really enjoy having an edible outlet for my creative side, and honestly, it was nice to have a sizeable project to tackle to get me up and keep me moving. It's been all too easy to succumb to afternoon naps these days!

The best part is, at the beginning of the week I got a genius idea to invite my mom to drive up (from 4 hours away) to help me with these cupcakes, and as payment, she got to take my kids home with her for the next week. I'll let you decide who's getting the best of this deal!

It was a huge blessing to have her help, especially with the dishes. I'm pretty sure I could bake all day long if it weren't for the dishes. And the shopping. And the whole cleaning up after myself thing!

At the moment I'm kicking my feet up, relaxing, ingoring the powdered sugar mess on my floor, and dreaming about the future with my husband, all while the kids are getting fully spoiled at Grammy's.

Oh, and I'm eating leftover cupcakes. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it!  

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